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The destination for those who desire quality training/certification as an Energy Auditor, Energy Code Inspector and/or Energy Rater/Inspector/Modeler

Why Enroll in Our Courses?
First course available 10/1/2022)

Self - Paced Program

Courses are available 24/7. Work at your own pace.

Simple Online Enrollment

Go the course page and enroll, pay and begin the course.

Professional Instructors

Our instructors are all experts in the field of residential energy.

About National Home Rating Institute's Training & Certification Programs

We aim to train/certify the most well rounded energy auditor, energy code inspector and energy rater in the residential energy industry.

After certification we offer a yearly membership which includes access to SnuggPro energy auditing software, RemDesign energy code software and continuing education for $360//yr.

When certified you will be able to conduct whole house air leakage testing (blower door), duct leakage testing and mechanical ventilation testing.

You will be able to conduct an energy audit on an existing residential structure and provide a detailed color report to the home owner.

You will be able to conduct an energy code inspection (to include the required tests) on new residential construction.

You will be able to inspect, test and produce an energy modeling software report that constitutes an energy rating.

Our Online Courses

NHRI has four online courses:

Energy Auditor/Building Performance Analyst Course

(Available 10/1/2022)

Energy Auditor/Building Performance Analyst/ENERGY RATER COURSE

(Available 1/1/2023)

Energy Auditor/Building Performance Analyst/ENERGY INSPECTOR COURSE

(Available 1/1/2023)

Energy Auditor/Building Performance Analyst/ENERGY MODELER COURSE

(Available 1/1/2023)

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